Video Surveillance

IP video surveillance is a leading-edge technology offering many infrastructure advantages you can trust to be effective, reliable, affordable, and highly configurable.

IP cameras and VMS systems can be scaled to the optimal size of your organization.

video surveillance

IP Video Surveillance This isnt just theft protection. It's also protection against liability issues. Condisder these questions:

Do you have a comprehensive security strategy?
Is there already crime or violence in your area? Do you want to prevent crime?
Is security personnel alone sufficient to protect your valuable assets?
Are you confident that your customers and employees are in a safe and secure environment? Have you made the maximum effor to protect them?

Surveillance Technical Support

Get expert help from our DKBinnovative team. Our certified surveillance professionals are well-versed in a suite of industry-leading security and surveillance technologies. We deliver custom tailored surveillance systems sized to fit any environment and integrate into your organization’s existing IT infrastructure.

DKB is responsible for:

  • server configuration and setup
  • supplying remote console administration capability
  • providing administrative access to the system
  • support for connectivity, and hardware problems
  • daily incremental backups, and restores upon request
  • performance and capacity monitoring
  • physical camera and network connection install
  • managing projects to install video surveillance systems
  • administration of the service (users & device configurations)
  • providing training to users of the service
Video Surveillance

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