Perimeter Network

A perimeter network is a network zone many companies deploy between the Internet and their intranet as defense-in-depth. The idea behind a perimeter network is to add additional steps to what a hacker would have to get through to get access to any intranet resources. To add as strong a defense-in-depth as possible, you want to put only those servers you trust to withstand Internet attacks in the perimeter, and then you should assume they can be broken into anyway.

The perimeter server manages the communications flow between outer layers of your network and the TCP-based transport adapters. A perimeter server can solve problems, especially in high-volume, Internet-gateway environments. Perimeter servers help reduce network congestion issues and scalability for high-volume environments through session and thread management and they enhance security by moving security threats further from your secure network and data.

perimeter-network defense-in-depth Internet and intranet

When to Use Perimeter Servers A perimeter server and all adapters that communicate with the local perimeter server must be configured on the same node

  • Secure communications between the DMZ and Sterling B2B Integrator
  • Send data to your customers from the perimeter server as the originating IP address
  • Manage security certificates on your secure network and not in a DMZ
  • Enhance performance and scalability through session and thread management that includes a large number of connections

Use the Following Adapters or Protocols:

  • Sterling Connect:Direct Server adapter
  • FTP Client adapter with related services
  • FTP Server adapter
  • HTTP Client adapter with related services
  • HTTP Server adapter
  • Oracle E-Business adapter
  • PeopleSoft adapter
  • Transora adapter
  • SOAP protocol
  • AS2 protocol
  • OdetteFTP adapter
perimeter-network Adapters or Protocols

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