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Get Serious About Mobile Device Security

A mobile device management solution is critical for protecting today’s produce-from-anywhere workforce and, more importantly, your company’s intellectual and proprietary data. The ability to remotely locate, lock and wipe mobile devices is essential for establishing a perimeter around your network.

It's Reality: People Can be the Weakest Link in Your Security Chain

Who knows these days how secure mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets, can be? Employees are typically the weakest link in cyber security efforts. DKBinnovative empowers clients to be proactive with education on how to train employees to spot phishing attempts, suspicious emails, and other security risks. This decreases the chance they will compromise your data while on their personal devices.

Are All Mobile Devices Updated?

It is vitally important to keep software updated. Mobile device software manufacturers like Apple, Google and Microsoft typically do a good job of providing security updates to known vulnerabilities, but they rely on the mobile device owners to install the updates.


Mobile device management solutions can show whether devices are in patch compliance. DKBinnovative works with clients to execute important install updates.  Do you have older models and operating systems that are no longer supported?  We can help you develop a plan that shows what devices are unsupported across the IT estate. We will counsel you on the very real threat they could pose to your security, with high security and cost-effectiveness at the forefront of all suggestions.
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