Telemundo 39 calls DKBinnovative for Phishing Attack Advice

Telemundo 39 calls DKBinnovative for Phishing Attack Advice

By Javier Cuevas

It doesn’t matter who you are, what you do, or where you work, everyone is vulnerable to phishing attacks. That’s what occurred in a recent phishing attack that confronted Telemundo 39 producer and host, Adriana Lopez. Telemundo 39 immediately contacted DBKinnovative for help.

The Problem

DBKinnovative was contacted by one of Telemundo 39’s reporters about the suspicious phishing email in which Ms. Lopez was informed that one of her passwords was obtained, which they proved by its being embedded in the communication. She was also falsely accused of accessing explicit websites and threatened that if she didn’t pay a monetary amount, all the incriminating information would be exposed, despite its inaccuracy.

The Solution

The DKBinnovative staff investigated the situation. As in most phishing attacks, perpetrators prey on people’s ignorance, causing them to be gripped with panic and fear and often click through to malicious sites, instead of fighting back and effectively resolving the issue. Fortunately, in this case, Lopez didn’t click or open any hyperlinks.

After we explained how the password could have been obtained by dark web scammers from any number of online locations, we simply deleted the email and that was that. We also explained several ways to avoid falling victim to future phishing attacks:

▪  Be especially careful and suspicious of anything you are asked to click online

▪  Don’t use the same password for all your accounts and change them periodically

▪  Don’t be too obvious or lazy in your password creation

▪  Consider using password management software like LastPass

▪  Report all cyberthreats to your IT/cybersecurity personnel

Fortunately for Ms. Lopez and Telemundo 39, the phishing attack was thwarted before it could cause any potential damage as these incidences are becoming much more common, sophisticated and costly to users. The best corporate cybersecurity strategy (offense) is to have a well-thought-out, comprehensive, and up-to-date program (defense). And to have everyone comply with it all the time.


Javier Cuevas is a vCTO (Virtual Chief Technology Officer) at DKBinnovative, a Dallas-based IT managed services firm that specializes in cybersecurity. DKB offers secure, reliable IT solutions to productivity-focused Fortune 500-level as well as small- and medium-sized businesses globally. Established in 2004, DKB acts as a company’s virtual chief information and security officer, whose role as a strategic partner and extension of its C-suite is to assist in planning, day-to-day execution, and future-proofing the organization. You can find more about DKBinnovative at

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