From Me To You: Train Your Employees To Help You Fight Cyber Crime

From Me To You: Train Your Employees To Help You Fight Cyber Crime

At some point in your business growth and development you realized that you could no longer work alone and you started hiring. No matter the size of your staff now, because of technology advancements and the influx of now-necessary web-connected devices, those helpful employees could also be the next open door to cyber crime at your company.

If you look around, how many of your employees have smartphones, tablets or personal laptops from home? How many are linked in to your internet connectivity? How many opportunities will be created for criminal marauders to hack into your data because of this? This is a very real daily risk.

Reliable security software usually protects against known malware and ransomware programs, but every new dangerous hack (and there are always new dangerous hacks) relies on deceiving someone into running it. Training your staff and routinely updating that training is key to preventing an invasion through individual personal devices.

Educate Employees About Risks

By establishing this critical education you are working to protect both staff jobs and your business. Usually there is a lack of understanding of risks such as opening attachments from an unknown source. Having well defined internet usage policies is important, but teaching your employees about risks and how to avoid them is even more powerful.

  • When onboarding employees, establish a training protocol for device usage
  • Discuss what risks exist with employees on a routine basis
  • Incorporate ongoing training for employees to keep them refreshed on the topics
  • Have a professional IT company audit your business to see how well trained your employees are

It’s important to ensure you take an aggressive approach to encouraging and educating about these threats. IT threats are not a one-time training session. The risks change frequently. DKBInnovative recently performed a threat recognition audit on our own company. We sent an official-looking email from a third party to our employees asking them to reset their passwords for Microsoft. Even our own techs were fooled by the appearance of the email, and not all caught that the URL they were sent to for password reset was not, in fact, the real Microsoft website. That’s just how good these phishing scams are and how easy it would be for your company to lose data because of well-intentioned but not well-trained employees. DKBInnovative can steer you through the most effective employee training based on today’s most common threats.

Many incidents of online extortion go unreported, but earlier this year the FBI published estimated statistics on the recent costs of ransomware to American businesses. In the first three months of 2016, criminals collected more than $206 million from ransomware scams, on pace to pass $1 billion by the end of the year. Ransomware is a lucrative criminal business, so it’s worth knowing how to protect your business. Train your employees and let them help you defend against internet theft. We are happy to help you with your office internet usage policies and your employee training outlines and your overall business security planning, so give us a call at DKBInnovative.

Stay safe out there!


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