The IT Department Dilemma: Outsource or In-House?

The IT Department Dilemma: Outsource or In-House?

As a business leader you’ve got a choice to make: Do you hire IT internally or do you move forward with a strategic partner like DKBInnovative?

The difference is that you could build out a team like we have which is made up of various experts of different specialties: from security and from understanding best practices, from being a specialist in doing that alignment, from being very good at troubleshooting and problem solving like a service desk person, and from being a CIO who would understand your business needs and overall business objectives and goals and how to meet those with technology.

The problem is this: Are you going to hire an eighth of a CIO or are you going to hire at least two service desk people, which would create redundancy? Do you know how many best practices alignment people you are going to hire and how much time they need to come up with all those best practices? And what about the tools? Are you willing to invest $200,000 to $300,000, or a half million in the tools that give you the visibility and give you all the automation that can move those risks to be mitigated?

The problem with IT is having all of these different skill sets and needing portions of them all working together with the right tools and the right process behind them. Hiring a strategic partner, a virtual group CIO, is a great solution for getting the nimbleness and depth of a small, unified team along with its proven expertise and diverse expertise.

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