Telemundo Dallas: Home Technology Recommendations

Telemundo Dallas: Home Technology Recommendations

Javier Cuevas, vCTO at DKBinnovative, spoke to Telemundo Dallas about the network, computer, and Internet technology your employees need to work from home.

  1. Reliable, high-speed Internet connection required
    1. Cable or Fiber Internet service of at least 10 Mbps; Increased bandwidth if multiple streaming devices and services exist.
    2. Satellite or wireless peer-to-peer Internet service is highly discouraged due to its well-known
    3. Use a network cable connection to your router instead of wireless, as this is more reliable.
  2. Computer Recommendations
    1. A modern or portable PC
    2. Running the latest Windows 10/Apple OS
    3. Updated antivirus
    4. Minimum 8 GB RAM (16 GB recommended)
    5. A quad-core processor is highly recommended; for example, Intel Core-i5 or higher
  3. Network Recommendations
    1. Be sure to set a strong and unique password to protect your wireless network
    2. Always keep your router’s software up-to-date
    3. Set (Limit) restrictions on streaming
    4. Apply restrictions “Made for Children”
  4. Safety Recommendations
    Ignore text or emails that require sensitive information from you, such as:
  1. Banking information
  2. Personally identifiable information
  3. Credit card number


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