Recognizing the Value of Continual Gap Analysis

Recognizing the Value of Continual Gap Analysis

To really understand what’s going on in a client environment, you have to conduct a gap analysis and it’s got to be a deep gap analysis — one that’s very granular. When we run one, we take into consideration a growing list of about 350 best practices that touch thousands of data points.

In order to do this, we have a dedicated team of individuals that go in and perform continuous gap analysis against those best practices and they’re doing that every 90 days, going through each of those lists and each of those data points with thousands and thousands of dollars worth of tools behind them. That way, we can start capturing meaningful data so we can focus in on what’s really important.

Without having that MRI, it’s really hard to provide treatment. Continuous gap analysis is vital because without it you’re undertaking a massive effort that a year later is basically obsolete. And with the rate of change in technology today, we feel it’s essential to integrate more frequent analysis and make it part of our process because the results are so valuable.

If you only perform annual gap analysis, it’s almost certain that you’ll run into situations where the changing information from within that year’s time would have provided much greater insight. With more frequent gap analysis, you’ve got more updated and timely data — just what clients need and deserve.

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