Passwords and the Bright Side of the Dark Web

Passwords and the Bright Side of the Dark Web

The dark web is a real thing. It’s a special internet that requires a separate web browser to access. Once on the web browser, those users are completely anonymous. With this anonymous store front – basically for illegal activity – it also creates an environment where identity theft is rampant and where an exchange for stolen information can occur.


If your identification has been compromised, as in one of these large breaches that has occurred recently from Equifax, Home Depot, or Target, what happens is that data all those usernames and passwords then appear on the dark web for sale. So, if someone wanted to commit identity theft, they could go in and anonymously purchase an account on the dark web for bitcoin.


Chances are that your username and passwords are the same across various accounts. You may have the same username and password (typically your email address and password) for Facebook, your Gmail account, and maybe even in your corporate environment. And if those were the same as your Home Depot and your Target account, then that information could be purchased and all those accounts could be accessed.


It’s very important that users be aware of the sensitivity of passwords, that they use unique passwords, that they’re careful about the lengths of those passwords, and they simply use a healthy amount of care and caution in using passwords overall.


One of the things DKBInnovative provides is a way to manage those passwords because, let’s face it, if you’ve got dozens of different accounts ranging from Amazon to your email to your social media passwords, keeping track of all them can be a very difficult task to manage, especially if you have unique passwords for each. We help clients with identity management and train users on the importance of those passwords and how to manage them and keep them secure.


Shine a little light back on the dark side of the dark web. Be prepared and have a specific plan to keep your passwords protected and maintained.

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