Our Texas: We Step Up

Our Texas: We Step Up

A Catastrophe—But Not Bigger Than Hearts In Texas

As the rain begins to recede and rescue efforts continue, our prayers go out to Hurricane Harvey victims. Several of our DKB team members, clients, and friends are either there or going this week to take supplies and help with distribution.  I’m so very thankful for North Texans who are stepping up to meet the needs of our fellow Texans.

We Did Learn From Katrina

Throughout this week, I couldn’t help but be reminded of the aftermath of Katrina 12 years ago, when a couple of us worked tirelessly to retrieve hospital data and backups from rising waters in New Orleans.  Given today’s affordability of secure cloud-based backup and disaster recovery, let’s hope there are a lot fewer dive rescues for hard drives and backup tapes for businesses today.  While North Texas doesn’t see too many floods, there are certainly enough natural disaster and security threats to make us pause and think about business continuity, and about ‘what if’ catastrophe was to strike us? Would your operations be under water, or floating along in the Cloud?  If you’re not sure, reach out to us for an assessment on just how long it would take to recover your systems today—no charges here, just real advice, based on real experience.

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