Expose the Dark Web with Cyber Security Savvy

We’ve all heard startling statistics like these:


  • – Every 39 seconds there is a hacker attack, affecting 1 in 3 Americans.
  • – 61% of US small businesses experienced a cyberattack in 2017.
  • – $7.35 million is the average cost of a data breach in the United States.
  • – 978,000 new malware threats emerge daily.
  • – 81% of hacking-related incidents leverage either stolen or weak passwords.
  • – 91% of breaches could have easily been avoided with existing technology.

As  if this news isn’t alarming enough, a new player is taking more prisoners in today’s vastly growing and more intense cybersecurity and data protection war. It’s called the dark web, and, as its name suggests, it’s more deceptive, complex and dangerous than anything we’ve ever seen online. It is home to the world’s largest online black market, where human organs, human beings, illegal drugs, guns, stolen credit cards, and even private health information is sold.

That’s right. Underneath the internet you use every day lurks a network of sites that you won’t find using Google, Bing or Yahoo, and it’s home to that suspicious portion of the worldwide web that is unseen, unindexed and unknown to most. For those in healthcare, where personal information and financial data need to be as secure and safe as possible, the consequences for breaches and data theft not only mean fines and corporate reputation loss, but also major lawsuits and threats to company survival.


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