ACA of Texas’ Southwest Collector Connector: Needed: Cybersecurity Uncommon Sense

By Keith Barthold


A recent survey cited in USA Today that tracked worldwide corporate cyber readiness reiterates the all-too-familiar, yet increasingly more alarming, security threat statistics. As expected, there was a rise in not only the number of cyberattacks that businesses faced (44% of companies indicated that they received two to four cyberattacks), but also in the complexity of the attacks and their consequences on business productivity and profitability.


We all have a sense of that.


More alarming was the fact that even though companies were aware of these potentially catastrophic threats, they didn’t seem to take the necessary precautions or even responses to those threats. Only about half of the companies reported that they had a corporate cybersecurity strategy and process, and nearly two-thirds of those companies who had been attacked did nothing to bolster their cybersecurity defenses.


Now, that’s just nonsense. Continue Reading



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