NBC5 Talks To DKBinnovative About Identity Theft Through Cell Phones

NBC5 Talks To DKBinnovative About Identity Theft Through Cell Phones

Just when we think we understand the latest virus or malware, something else comes along. It’s a personal nightmare for me to think of having my identity stolen. There will be so many hours spent notifying financial institutions, freezing accounts, alerting friends, vendors, and business associates, etc. I was pleased to get the call from NBC5 to talk about how identity theft is now possible through your own personal phone number so I could address this growing menace.

This piece from Wayne Carter is thoroughly researched and presented, and it’s well worth your time to watch the whole thing. I know it’s just one more caution that you have to learn about your own cyber security, but I do know for sure that you would rather prevent it than have to fix it afterward. And don’t hesitate to call us if you have questions or concerns. With so many mobile devices in play in businesses these days, as the owner or manager, you need to be aware of how connections to your networks could be at risk.

Click here to see NBC5’s Wayne Carter speaking with Keith Barthold.

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