DKBInnovative Talks to NBC5 About Laptop Safety

DKBInnovative Talks to NBC5 About Laptop Safety

NBC5, the Dallas/Fort Worth affiliate, called DKBInnovative last week for IT expertise when they were researching a story about exploding laptops. Kudos to the producers of that story for being so thorough before presenting their piece, and thanks to our own Randy Haba for passing along a valuable tip to all laptop users. We don’t recommend that users buy laptop batteries online. Too often, as this news story shows, what you receive may not be quite the same as what you had before. The results can be dangerous. See the full story.

Every technology situation teaches us something new

Technology is so ingrained in our daily lives now, and individually we are responsible for knowing more and more about the technology we habitually use. Multiply one person’s use by the size of a business, and you can understand the responsibility of a business owner when it comes to his or her company’s whole information technology network. IT management services, like DKBInnovative, allow experts to be responsible for all kinds of safety in your workplace. We focus on new products and procedures for IT, and our business is to make sure that your business computer network is configured for optimal efficiency and productivity. On top of that, you have to also know how the use of outside personal devices like smart phones and tablets can impact the security of your company data. It’s complicated, but that is what fascinates and challenges us.

DKBInnovative is comprised of dedicated, passionate, and hard-working IT professionals committed to providing the best IT services at the greatest value. Having served 60+ hospitals and 200+ medical practices, they partner with clients to navigate any and all IT needs including security, network, software vendor selection and management, and comprehensive security including HIPAA compliance—with a focus on increased practice productivity. DKB clients focus on providing great patient care, not the business of IT.  Contact DKBInnovative at or by phone at (469) 828-2468.

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