Download Is Your MSP Keeping You Safe?

You hire a managed services provider, in part, to keep your company safe from cyberattacks. But MSPs are particularly vulnerable to cyberthreats because once their infrastructure is breeched so too is their client’s — causing more collateral damage.


MSPs have a responsibility to have the best security available — but multiple recent attacks confirm that’s not always the case. In fact, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) issued Alert TA18-276B, “Advanced Persistent Threat Activity Exploiting Managed Service Providers,” which explained how hackers are targeting MSPs as a way to gain access to their clients’ networks.


To mitigate risk, the DHS report encourages MSP clients to determine what they can expect in terms of security from their provider. “MSP clients should understand the supply chain risk associated with their MSP. Organizations should manage risk equally across their security, legal, and procurement groups. MSP clients should also refer to cloud security guidance from the National Institute of Standards and Technology to learn about MSP terms of service, architecture, security controls, and risks associated with cloud computing and data protection.”


How do you know if your MSP is keeping your company totally secure? Download our 27-question checklist, which covers 14 areas of concern that you should ask to ensure your MSP is handling potential threats effectively.

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